SC Devbon SRL employees are well trained to provide:

  • Client-specialist communication
  • Work with architects, engineers and contractors
  • Project design
  • Project construction
  • Project management
  • On-site organization
  • Collaboration with all specialties
  • Interior design


The construction of a home is a very important project and allocated resources may be considerable. For this reasons the best specialists in all fields must be selected. They are capable of handling the project from client communications faze to budgeting, designing, constructing and on-site organisation. All fazes are oriented on achieving a high quality outcome, satisfying both client and project designer.

DEVBON has the experience and skills for these type of projects.

Industrial Constructions

SC Devbon SRL realises industrial projects which meet all technical conditions that comply with the legislation. Among these conditions are mechanical resistance and stability, fire safety, hygiene, health and environmental protection, safety in use, protection against noise, energy saving and thermal insulation.

Metallic Constructions

Metallic works are always an interesting and feasible alternative to traditional construction methods. The metal can be applied in all types of projects, which is why architects and investors are encouraged to use it. It is suitable for industrial buildings and it is used in projects where conceptual changes can occur. Metal structures are well suited for all projects, given the endless possibilities of adaptation to the client’s needs.